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Are you paying too much for Rent?

Our investors club is teaching its members how to pay less for rent and save towards buying their own property, and owning their own house.

One of the biggest expenses for any household is housing!

Many financial experts will tell you that you should try to purchase a home as soon as you can because of all of the advantages of home ownership, but in some cases, it may be smarter to rent your home than it would be to buy it. Here is how to tell the difference.

When To Rent

One of the biggest factors when determining whether you should be renting a home instead of trying to purchase one is the amount of time that you plan to spend in the area. If you have just moved to a new area and are not sure if you are going to like it, it may be better to rent a home for your family for a few years so you can see how you enjoy the neighborhood. This gives you the option to move to another part of town without a great deal of hassle if you decide that a particular neighborhood is not for you.

People that have just secured a new job and have relocated to be closer to their employment may also find that it is more beneficial to rent a home at first. That way, if you find that the job is not what you thought it was or if your new boss is a tyrant, you will not have the weight of a home to sell holding you back from exploring other employment opportunities.

It is also better to rent if you feel you may be promoted to another position at another location within a few years. It is never cost effective to buy a house that you will be in for less than five years.

When To Buy

If you have lived in the area for a significant amount of time and know that you will be living and working in the area for the foreseeable future, then it may be more beneficial for you to purchase a home in the area.

Purchasing a home will often result in lower payments than you would have to pay each month while renting a similar sized home and you will receive the tax benefits from the government that are reserved for homeowners.

You will also have more control over the property and what you can do with it, including decorating any way you want, obtaining pets, and changing the exterior of the home.

What To Do If You Want To Know More?

Whether renting or buying, this will certainly be a heavy monthly expense. We have tried here to answer one of the most common questions asked about property.

Many other questions may come to you. How do I qualify to buy a house? How can I raise money for a 10% deposit? Why wont the banks give me a homeloan or a bond?

These questions, and topics are discussed, and solutions are provided in our Investor Club News, and we would be glad if you joined us to pursue the story of how to get the most out of property and investing.

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