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Soon you will be all signed up and ready to make some serious cash with the Kipi - MyDeposit247 Investment Opportunity...

Listed below are are a few quick steps you'll need to follow to ensure you easily and successfully register and create your Kipi - MyDeposit247 Investment Account...

Check out the steps below


Things You'll Need...

  • Your mobile phone
    Your cellphone will be used to send you an SMS containing a registration and verification code. (CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE TO SOUTH AFRICA)

  • To setup a password for your Kipi Mydeposit247-account
    Your password will be used so you can log-in and access your account.

  • An Invite Code
    Registration is only by invitation! This invite code confirms that you are formally invited to register with us. Your invite code to use is:

  • 448452258


Here's What To Do...

    1. Fill out your mobile phone number.
    2. Choose a password - which you'll use to sign into your Kipi - MyDeposit247 Investment Account.
    3. Fill in the invite code stated above.
    4. Select the box in order to acknowledge the Community Terms and Conditions.


The Next Step Is...

  • You will receive a text-message(SMS) which contains an OTP verification number.
    Use the OTP number to complete the verification step. The website will give you a box to insert the OTP number.

  • Should the OTP text-message not arrive within 10 minutes
    Try switching off, then switching on your cellphone as messages are at times delayed by your cellphone network provider.

  • If the OPT text-message still does not arrive after 10 minutes
    You may go back to Step 1, and fill out the form in order for another OTP verification SMS to be sent out to you.

Very Important, Please Do Not Do This Or Else

When on the registration screen, if you see an option to "Sign up with Your Email" or "Enter with Facebook" or "Enter with Twitter", please do not use any of these options.

Your Kipi - MyDeposit247 Investment Account will not be correctly created and remain in a 'pending activation state'. The Kipi - MyDeposit247 web-development team is working on resolving this issue.

Accessing The Website Using the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web-Browser

For best browsing experience, do yourself a favour and use Google Chrome Web-Browser which you can get for free by clicking here.

On many occasions the registration website shows up as a blank white page when accessed through the Internet Explorer Web-Browser.

Accessing The Website from Your Blackberry Phone and other Mobile Phones...

Just to bring to your attention one last thing so that you don't think your phone is crazy and to avoid you ending up in frustration!

We have had a significant number of Blackberry users not able to access the Kipi - MyDeposit247 website. If you are using a Blackberry, do try and see if you are able to access the website - if not, then finding an alternative internet connection source is what you'll need to do. As a Blackberry users you are not alone because...

Another web-development issue is mobile phone users(in General) are not able to register for Kipi - MyDeposit247 from their mobile phone's. I've tested registering from various phones, and instead of the registration website showing up on the phone's screen, instead I would keep getting the log into Kipi - MyDeposit247 account screen.

If you are on your mobile phone, give it a try and see if you are able to bring up the correct registration screen. I would highly appreciate it if you let our Kipi - MyDeposit247 Discussion Board know if it worked on your phone or not. In this way we can filter down which phones work, and which phones don't.

But not all hope is lost for the OTHER MOBILE PHONES (excluding Blackberry phones)...

Once you have registered, you are able to fully access your Kipi - MyDeposit247 Investment Account from your mobile phone and it works 100%.

Next Step...Registration and Account Creation

Congrats on finding your way through the nitty-gritty of signing up and getting your Kipi - MyDeposit247 Investment Account. We hope it was straightforward and easy for you to understand...


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