Chapter 14 - Conclusion and Final Thoughts About The Kipi Investment Community

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Some points of interest which I didn’t get to talk about...

Each time members of your 5-Level Deep Network make an investment, you earn bonus rewards! A lifetime income opportunity,

Multiple investments to the max of 2 per month (31 days), each investment can have a different time frame

Minimum account withdrawal amount is R100

Investing for children to be done in parents account by creating investments and perhaps naming each investment after the child

Kipi is an online community – no physical offices, but find support online

When you invest money you’ll also hold funds (approx. 70%) for the community as part of the peer-to-peer investment network structure

Go through your Kipi-account, look at the various options, don’t be afraid to click around and learn

The Kipi Investment Opportunity shows great promise, and even greater opportunity to make a positive difference and positive financial change in the lives of the Kipi Community Members.

As always, please understand that Kipi MyDeposit247 provides an investment product - and with that being said, there's no investment which is ever guaranteed. So when joining the community, please don't use money intended for the children's school fees, or money intended to pay your bond.

I'd much rather prefer that you budget and purposely put aside money which is intended to take up the Kipi MyDeposit247 Investment Product.

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