Chapter 2 - A Brief Summary About The Kipi Peer-to-Peer Investment Network

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Kipi MyDeposit247 is an Online Community To Build Wealth & Prosperity

Kipi MyDeposit247 is an online community whereby community members are able to earn money and build wealth & prosperity for themselves. This is done by investing money and earning interest on the money which they’ve invested!

On many occasions, I’ve compared the concept of Kipi and how it works to the South African term “Stockvel”.

Stockvel is a good description because all Kipi community members share money amongst themselves which financially enriches each member.

The term “Peer-to-Peer Investment Network” also comes to mind. This describes a model in which each participating party shares the same capabilities, meaning our community is self-organised and self-governed.

To keep accurate records of money invested, a digital currency is used for the online accounting system. When accessing your Kipi-account, this digital currency represents the money you’ve invested.

In conclusion, “Kipi is a financial peer-to-peer investment network operating like a Stockvel to build wealth and provide community members with interest earned daily on the money they’ve invested”.

"An awesome community to be part of and build your way to wealth with!"

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