Chapter 7 - How To Create Your First Kipi Investment Dream

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This is the Fun Part of Being a Kipi MyDeposit Investment Community Member

This is the fun part of being a Kipi MyDeposit Investment Community Member, you get to give your investment dream a name, you get to choose how much you want to invest, and you get to choose how much you’d like to make at the end of it all!

Here’s what you have to do

1. On the main page, click the “ADD A DREAM” option.
2. Fill in the name of your investment dream
e.g. “Buy A New Car”
3. Fill in the amount you have which you’ll invest. e.g. “15’000”
4. Fill in the amount you’d like to make from your investment. e.g. “300’000”
Please be aware of the minimum and maximum amounts which you can make...

– These are all dependent on the amount you’re investing, and your account has a maximum period of 16 months that money can be invested for.

- You can fill in different dream amounts to see how much you can make over the months to come.

5. Click the continue button when you’re done completing the steps mentioned above.

6. On the next screen, be sure so select the choose payment method. It’s not made very clear that this option needs to be selected.

7. The deposit details of the fellow community member are generated. Sometimes investment deposits are split between recipients.

In this example the investment of R15000 was split and I’d need to deposit R7500 to each of the two community members.

Clicking “CONFIRM” activates the transaction and the recipients are notified that a deposit will be made to them.

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