Chapter 8 - Where and How To Deposit Money For Your Kipi Mydeposit Investment Dream

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A fellow Kipi MyDeposit247 Investment Community Member To Deposit Funds Directly To

While creating your investment, the system will select a fellow Kipi MyDeposit247 Investment Community Member for you to deposit funds directly to. Once you're funds are received by the community member, your investment will be activated, and you'll start earning interest on a daily basis!

Once you’re investment dream has been successfully created, you’ll receive a notification in your Kipi Investment Account.

This notification provides you with the transaction transfer number of the investment created.

Please bear in mind to follow community rules such as completing deposits within the time frame specified e.g. 3 days

Using the “OPERATIONS HISTORY” option, you’ll be able to retrieve the transaction entry, and the details of the Kipi Community Member you are to deposit to.

Please ensure you put your name on the deposit slip because the recipient is notified and is expecting a deposit from you.

In our modern world of technology, doing an Electronic Funds Transfer (online banking) is also an option to depositing to the recipient – just make sure you include your name as a reference.

Keep Proof of Payment...

Once a deposit has been made, you’ll need to use the “MARK AS SENT” option. Selecting this option notifies the system and the recipient that you’ve completed your end of the transaction.

Using the dispute-box is how you can communicate with the recipient. In the example on the left, always make it a point to message the recipient and include proof of payment using the “ATTACH FILE” option.

Lastly, the recipient has 3-5 days to confirm they’ve received your deposit. Should they not, then use the “SEND COMPLAINT TO SUPPORT” option to escalate the matter to the Support Team.

Once the recipient receives your deposit, they will “Mark As Received” or "Accept Transfer"...this completes the transaction and your investment dream will be activated.

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